Our story

A story about and with Happy Hugs!

We, the happy parents, are promoting and also raising our children based on a gentle and natural parenting model. We believe that attachment parenting, co-sleeping, babywearing, breastfeeding, unconditional love and child led education offer multiple practical and emotional benefits for both babies and their carers.

That is why our brand statement is "Natural Parenting for Happy Kids!"

Whilst on maternity leave with Robin, a lot of thoughts about my role as both mother and wife, as well as my professional career came as a rollercoaster. More and more I felt that my current professional path is not bringing me enough joy and satisfaction anymore, so after serious consideration, I’ve taken the decision to completely shift my career. 

The idea of working with parents and babies came naturally. Being inspired by all our experiences and seeing the benefits this type of approach brings for both carers and babies, having read a lot of books and spending a lot of time preparing ourselves for parenthood, made me wishing to pass on all that knowledge and experience to other parents as well. I felt that being close to parents and offering them the practical and emotional support they need in their journey through early parenthood, is something that I am really drawn into. 

Babywearing Consultant and Retailer

The first step I took into this new direction was training as a babywearing consultant. I love helping parents and carers to be closer to their babies by using ergonomic baby slings and carriers and to create a better emotional connection between them. 

Also, I can proudly say that Happy Hugs is the main ISARA, LennyLamb and Soul Slings retailer in the UK, 3 of the top-quality brands developing ergonomic baby slings and carriers. We are stocking the widest product portfolio from the current model ranges and the latest design collections. And we can special order any product that you might be interested in and we don't have it, providing it is in stock with the manufacturer. That will save you time and money, as we offer free shipping within the UK.

The brands to be working with and the product mix were carefully selected, after months of research, testing and having in depth discussions with the babywearing manufacturers. I’ve decided to stock the products and brands whom I trust and use myself, some of the most versatile and adjustable products available on the market, in which both us as parents, as well as our kids felt extremely comfortable. I’ve chosen only high quality products from manufacturers that gained my trust and that are offering an amazing customer service themselves. 

Happy Hugs

That is why and how Happy Hugs was born. It’s a family-run business, I am more or less a one woman band and I am really passionate about what I’m doing. As a trained babywearing consultant, my promise is to be not just another retailer, but to offer an outstanding level of customer service, assessing and recommending products tailored to every dyad’s needs, as we all have different needs and expectations. And I am selling not just another carrier, but a way of creating connections, building bonds and confidence, raising happier kids.

I look forward to helping every one of you in having calmer and happier kids, that are comforted, unconditionally loved and carried, while you remain physically active and in the same time having your baby closer for cuddles and kisses, building a better emotional connection between yourselves.