ISARA The Trendsetter Toddler Size (Mountains Dream)

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Pioneering adjustability since 2013, ISARA Innovation Lab has developed the 4th version of the multi-awarded carrier, ISARA The Trendsetter, embellished with innovative features that makes it once again set the trend for the babywearing world.

ISARA The Trendsetter toddler size is the remarkable result of years of research and development; it is the 4th, upgraded version of the multi-awarded ISARA carrier. Its sheer objective is to fit perfectly, with PRECISE ADJUSTABILITY FOR EVERY NEED.

The toddler size carrier was designed thinking of the most meticulous parents, who appreciate that tailor-made, perfect fit for their child, with precise adjustability for every need. With an intuitive way of using it, it's the most ingenious solution for every parenthood challenge, when wearing your child needs to be simple, fast and extremely comfortable.

When your child gets tired after a walk and wants to be carried home, then the next minute he decides to go down again... When you have errands long overdue but your baby wants to sleep close to your heart... When your toddler is tired of walking and cries to be carried but your arms hurt from all his weight...You need a carrier that will respond to every spontaneous need in the most intuitive way!

Due to the multidimensional, precise adjustability given by the innovative features, ISARA The Trendsetter V4 provides you the possibility for front carry, with parallel or crossed shoulder straps, hip carry and back carry.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review